Why We Shouldn T Cell Phones Be Allowed In School

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How much do you use your phone? You may be surprised that 86% of kids have admitted to cheating, 73% said that they used phones to do the cheating. 22% of young children between ages 6-9, 60% of between ages 10-14, and 84% of kids between ages 15-18 own a cellphone but it would be unfair for that other percentage of kids without a phone. Almost every cell phone owner sends and receives texts, including the kids Although cell phones make it easier to study, they shouldn’t be allowed in school because phones make it easier to cheat, not every kid owns a phone, and they are a major distraction.
First phones shouldn’t be allowed in schools is because cheating in school is much easier since phones have been given to kids, now if students want to cheat, they have a device with everything on it. Schools that ban students from carrying phones see a clear improvement in their test scores, according to a study by the London School of Economics. All the kids have to do is wait till the teacher isn’t looking or is busy, then pull out their phone and look up the answers, and the teacher can’t be monitoring the kids at all times because the teacher has stuff to do.

Second, phones shouldn’t be in school is because not every kid owns a phone, about 25% of kids don’t own a phone so if phones were allowed it would be unfair to ¼ of kids and not every kid has
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Statistics show that most kids who own phones are not using them for studying, they are using them to cheat on papers or tests. One argument used is what if they need to text their parents, that’s what the five minutes between classes is for, and if it’s urgent they could just ask the teacher. Kid used to be able to graduate with a 4.0 and now the only way kids can do that is with
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