Why We Shouldn T Not Wear Uniforms Essay

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The reason think that we shouldn't wear uniforms is because KIDS DO NOT LIKE UNIFORMS. In this paragraph you will see why I think that schools should not have uniforms. And the reasons we shouldn't have them. Uniforms are distractive in many ways such as , uncomfortability and annoyance. Many kids and parents think that we should have uniforms but they don't help anything just there looks. So here are some reasons I think that we should not wear uniforms. My first reason I think that we shouldn't have uniforms is because it makes kids very uncomfortable which makes it harder to listen. If they are so focused on getting comfortable that they don't listen it can bring down there grades. This can be very disruptive to a student or a teacher. It can also get them irritated which makes it very hard to focus on a test. And it does not raise test scores which leads me to my next reason why we should not wear uniforms. My second reason is that is does not stop bullying kids get bullied over what they are clothes people think that it will help but it wont. Everyone will be wearing the same clothes but if we wear uniforms kids from other schools would bully them from there. It does not help test scores and does not help grades. Kids that want to wear uniforms can, but they…show more content…
If you buy a lot of clothes it can be more expensive but you will have to buy a couple of uniforms unless you where the same one for the next time you laundry. The average cost of “A more specific school uniform that must be purchased from an official provider or providers can cost $100-$500 or more per outfit, depending on the retailer and school requirements.” as you can see the price is very high for uniforms and it would just be more easy to get regular clothes. Another reason is because you can buy way more normal clothes than EXTREMELY nice clothes. Maybe you could buy a collared shirt and jeans for picture day instead of a
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