Why We Shouldn T Play Sports Together

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Even Though people think boys and the girls shouldn’t play sports together, because they are different genders. Some people say otherwise. Other think that it would be better to have both genders playing the same sports. They think that it would make better teams and have better players on each team. Although the gender is different, they would have better competition between teams, and the games would be more intense.
Other people think that the boys will play too rough and hurt girls. Then parents and others will get mad and start fights with the boys that play on that team. Some parents don’t understand that they can get hurt just as easily as they can when they are playing with the same gender. Because you are playing the same sports. You have the same rules and are playing the same way except with a mix of genders. Some people think that injuries are more probable with the boys playing the game.
The boys also want to play some sports that the girls play. Some people think that it is all about the girls getting injured, but boys can get hurt just as easily as girls can. Some boys might like to be a cheerleader because they like to dance and cheer people on. Most boys don’t play sports
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Some boys might think that they will hurt the girls so they will possibly slack off and refrain using all they’ve got. That results in teams not doing as well and having to be punished by the couches. They don 't think it 's a good idea because the boys might put the girls down, and that leads to bullying. They think that the coaches will pick the boys to play most of the time and the girls won 't get to play as much as the boys. Even though those are good judgments to run against why we should play together more people think that we should play together. People think that their kids can interact with others and make more
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