Why Were Native Americans Treated So Horribly

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I don’t know that I have ever read or heard a story of a Native American being treated well by settlers or even now days. Why were Native Americans treated so horribly?. Did the settlers have the right to push Natives to the west for their own happiness?. How much have things changed in history with the Native Americans?. “The Diary of Mary Rowlandson” is a good example of how Native Americans were treated horribly. The settlers in Mary Rowlandson’s diary didn't like the Natives very much. The Indians burned the settlers homes to the ground. The Native Americans were described as “savages” or “bloody heathens” by Mary Rowlandson because of their actions. The Native Americans killed many settlers because they were intruding on their land.…show more content…
The painting shows how the Americans progress is coming along so well, but on the other side of the painting it shows the Natives fleeing from them. On one side of the painting it is bright with the American progress, on the other it is dark showing the Natives and the buffalo running away from the Americans. Because that's what the Americans were doing, whether they meant to or not i'm not sure. The Native Americans were being pushed across North America to the west by the settlers. Settlers were curious about the land to the west, they wanted to spread their religion and express themselves freely. It was all sunshine and rainbows for the settlers, but they were pushing the Natives off their homeland and forcing them to find new land. When the Natives came into contact with the settlers diseases were spread throughout their tribe, killing off many of the Natives. These are sources that I have read telling me how the Native Americans were treated. In my opinion they all show how the settlers had everything good, no worries. But the settlers pretty much spit on the Natives, they didn't care that they were taking the Native Americans homeland. The settlers didn't care that the Indians were dying. This is why in my opinion the Native Americans were treated so
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