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The question that comes up when studying the Mongols is always, were they truely a brutal people in all aspects of life? The Mongol people used fear to an advantage in battle, and tactics that were uncommon for many if not all armies. Originally a nomatic people that were constantly at war. They lived a simple life with only their animals to provide food, for food wouldn’t grow where they lived. They took over much of Asia within the time of one ruler that united different clans to have a common goal. Mongols were a people that were sometimes brutal but overall there people were good at heart. The Mongols were not always the most civilized of people. They sometimes took the fat of people they killed and lit it on fire then they threw the fat on the houses (Doc. 3).That was pretty brutal but on a side note the empire of Genghis Khan was more than double the size of Alexander the Greats land. The next closest to how much land Genghis had taken was Alexander the Great. In battle they tended to be a little harsh, like if a group small group that is smaller than 10 do something and the others in that group of 10 don’t join in then the group would all be killed (Doc. 2). From this you learn that the mongols really believed that teamwork was necessary in battle, (all for one and one for all). When looking at this makes you wonder. After you had passed (from their hand), they took your head off…show more content…
Isn’t everyone and at all times throughout history barbarians sometimes. These people where just more forthcoming of their barbarian ways. The when looking deeper you will find that the had fighting tactics that worked and after the battle they were very structured people. The people were moving constantly before they started taking territory. They weren’t in the best place for the weak, they needed to be strong to live. Although at times ruthless, the people of the Mongols were a good at

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