Why White Cops Kill Black Men

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Some police departments use physical standards to legal discriminate against female candidate and this should not be allowed because even if it’s legal discrimination that’s still discrimination. Men are always going to be physically stronger than women that’s how they are built. Some examples of test that discriminate against women are test the involve upper body strength like pull ups, outdated test that have been used for years but have not been updated and “obstacle courses or tests with one cut-off score for everyone, regardless of sex or age” ("Know Your Rights”) In her article for the Gazette, a Colorado Springs newspaper, Debbie Kelly wrote about physical fitness testing being suspended for all of Colorado Springs police officers…show more content…
If you by attention to the news you have heard about white officers shooting unarmed black people and getting away with by saying the magic words “I was afraid for my life”. There has been some scientific evidence that might help us understand why this is all happening. Bobby Azarian, who has a PhD in neuroscience writes in this article for alternet about “The Neuroscience Behind Why White Cops Kill Black Men”. It talks about how in 2014 a South Carolina pulled over an African American for not wearing a seatbelt. When the officer asked for ID the “young man reached under the seat for his but was shot in the leg before he could even take it out”. The driver did nothing out of the norm and would the police officer have fired a shot and been afraid for his life if the driver was white? There have been studies in neuroscience that show “white police officers may perceive black males to be a threat for behaving in ways that wouldn’t seem suspicious for white males.” This means that they are more likely to see black males as a threat than white males and therefore shoot them. While we can have a positive attitude towards blacks, our behavior on psychological test says otherwise. “In one particular type of classic experiment, white participants are asked to quickly categorize words that pop up on a computer screen as either positive (like “happy”) or negative (like “fear”). However, just before each word is displayed, either a black or a white face quickly appears on the screen. What scientists have found time and time again, is that on average, white individuals categorize negative words much faster when they follow black faces, and positive words faster when they follow white faces”. This

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