Why Women Love Shoes

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Why women love shoes to bits! Why do women love shoes? Whoever you walk to, as long they are a female, if you ask them what they want, 80 percent of the times, you 're going to get the shoes as the answer. What is it with this obsession that women have for and with shoes? Apart from all the categories of fashion, what gives shoes that special bond with women? Shoes are an essential part in the wardrobe planning of women, not because they are just a "part" but because they mean a lot to them. If anything, a pair of shoes can create the whole outfit of the day. Have you ever seen how excited women are when they buy a new shoe? Even giving it a name and calling it their latest baby. For a moment, if the lady is in a relationship, the man is on hold and the shoe gets all the attention. There are a lot of shoes in the industry, shoes for office wear, shoes for the beach and even shoes to move about in while at home. This makes the list long and the relationship between women and their shoes an even tricky one. When it comes to fashion, women have got this special relationship which they tend to build with whatever they buy, be it a dress or jewellery, but when it comes to shoes, the story takes a twist. It 's more than obsession, it 's love, it 's a deep connection which strikes that is built between a woman and her shoes. There are several features that create this long-term and everlasting relationship. In all fashion trends, shoes are the most loyal partners to women. This

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