Why Women Stay In Abusive Relationships

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Have you ever heard the story about a woman who had been ‘smacked’ around or degraded by her boyfriend or husband? The story about a woman who despite everything still stayed in the abusive relationship? And I can bet that you thought this woman was crazy or simply stupid for staying in this kind of a relationship. In my essay, I will give voice to all the women who have stayed in an abusive relationship and will explain why they did so in the first place. I will show you that the reasons for staying are of sociological, psychological and extremely emotional character and that these girls and women alike can call themselves survivors; and rightly so. In order to understand the topic of the essay fully, you must first become aware of the fact that this can happen to anyone and anywhere, no matter the circumstances. The sad truth is that oftentimes these cases go unnoticed by everyone even by the victims themselves as they fail to understand that they are being abused without being…show more content…
The learned helplessness, alludes to an experiment that was conducted by Martin Seligman in 1967 that is applicable to battered women. This theory, which was first tested on dogs, suggests that over the course of an abusive relationship women come to terms with the lack of control over the situation. Even when they have the opportunity to actually leave the cycle of violence, they choose to stay because over time they believe that they have no choice or that they wouldn’t survive on their own. Quite similar to this notion and to the aforementioned cycle of violence is the battered woman syndrome. Lenore Walker introduced her theory that .The syndrome progresses over time parallel to the relationship and the victim being unable to deal with the situation, ultimately decides to stay in the

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