Why Workers Compensation Denial: Why It Could Happen To You

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Workers’ Compensation Denial: Why It Could Happen To You
If you suffered an injury while working at your job it is possible to receive workers’ compensation to help pay for the damages. Do not assume that the only requirement for workers’ compensation is that the injury occurred at work, since there are several reasons why the workers’ compensation claim can be denied. Here are several reasons why a claim denial could happen to you.
Your Injury Was Caused by a Crime
Injuries can happen for all kinds of reasons at the work place. One situation that is impossible to anticipate is an injury caused by a crime being committed by a criminal while you are working. For instance, this includes injuries sustained from a criminal attacking you or
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You must follow these rules just like you would any company specific policies that have been put in place. Your employers is responsible many of the standards required for a safe working environment, but many OSHA safety regulations can be violated by employees that are careless. Your workers’ compensation could be denied if you are found to be responsible for violating OSHA regulations.
You Were Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol
Intoxication is an obvious reason that a workers’ compensation claim is denied. If it is suspected that you are under the influence of a substance, either drugs or alcohol, you may be required to take a drug test after the injury occurs. If you refuse this drug test then you could be refused workers’ compensation insurance. A drug test can clear your name of any wrongdoing when it comes to alcohol or drugs, so it is in your best interest to take a test if requested.
However, things get complicated when the injury was not preventable. You will need to work with a lawyer if you were under the influence while injured, but the injury happened due to reasons such as your employer not following safety protocols for a safe working
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