Why Would Someone Offer Underserve Mercy To Others?

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Why would someone offer underserving mercy to others? In the story of The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, Holmes receives a goose with a blue carbuncle in it. Through clues, he caught up the thief Robinson that steals the blue carbuncle, but at last, Holmes let him away. In another short story, Thank you Ma’am, Mrs. Luella not only made a dinner for Roger, the boy who put his hands on her purse, also gave him ten dollars to buy a pair of shoes. Both Mrs. Luella and Holmes believe that if they give them a second chance, Roger and Robinson would walk on the right way and not commit crime again. Holmes and Mrs. Luella gave them a second chance because. Holmes and Mrs. Luella give them a second chance because Mrs. Luella hopes that Roger will walk in the right way, Robinson understood his wrong behaviors, and also both Roger and Robin did not have blood enough to go in for felony with impunity. First, because Mrs. Luella hopes that Roger will walk in the right way, she gives Roger the second chance. Although she looks angry when Roger reach his hand to her pocket, but she possess a kind heart. If setting free Roger could stop him from stealing, then…show more content…
Luella gave a second chance for they know that both Roger and Robinson did not mean to go in for felony with impunity. Acting out of their need not out of selfishness, they still have a chance. Not like other thieves, Roger just stole for his need. His conscience by no means to tell him that thievery is not wrong. Roger told Mrs. Luella that his need of pair of blue shoes brought to his thievery (Hughes). Blind by desire, Robinson started a steal because of his friend’s persuade. When Robinson talks we his friend, his friend showed him how to turn the stone into money. As he sawed the lady’s gem, he moved the thoughts of occupying it and turn it to money (Doyle). In conclusion, Roger and Robinson got an unmerited mercy for Holmes and Mrs. Luella thinks that they did not immerse deeply into
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