Why Did Texanss Fight In The Civil War Essay

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Raining bullets, charging enemies, fear, hunger, and impending doom. Who would put themselves under so much pressure? Why would Texans fight in the Civil War? After President Abraham Lincoln’s election in 1860, many Southern states saw trouble brewing. South Carolina was first, with Texas following as the seventh state to secede from the Union and form a new country, the Confederacy. War was prominent and everybody could see it. The rising tension between the territories jump-started the Civil War. Both territories wanted to spread their ideas to the rest of the United States. When the Missouri Compromise happened, officials debated about letting in Missouri because it would tip the balance of power. As a compromise, Maine was also admitted. This agreement also established the 36°30 line that allowed no slave states above it. This angered the south because it stopped them from spreading their political views to the rest of the states. Citizens who volunteered for the Confederate army put themselves through unimaginable horrors to protect things very important to them. Texans fought in the Civil War for states rights, sectionalism, and to keep their slaves. Texans fought in the Civil War to protect State Rights. State rights were the items not included in the constitution were up …show more content…

The Civil War was fought because of rising tension between the North and the South. The war came to an end 1865. The last official battle was at Palmito Ranch. The Civil War was a war fought because people’s opinions and views were put at risk with the election of Abraham Lincoln because citizens knew he would be the one to end slavery. Southerners seceded from the United States in an effort to keep what they felt was economically necessary and essential to their way to life. People, more specifically Texans, risked their life to protect their state’s rights, to keep slavery, and because of

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