Why You Should Learn French Essay

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Why you should learn French French is the most romantic language in the world, and it is an official language used in international relations. It is one of the most learned languages in the world, and some of the best literary works are rendered in French. French is intricately linked with the visual arts, architecture, dance, and luxury fashion and cuisines. Here are some of the reasons why you should learn French. Global language French is spoken by more than 220 million people in every continent of the world, and it is an official language of the United Nations, the Red Cross, International Olympic Committee, and the official language of many countries. It comes second only to English as the most learned language and close to a million people are learning…show more content…
When you learn to speak Spanish, you will never have to read the subtitles and watch the film at the same time, increasing the pleasure you derive from the experience. Also, you can understand the lyrics of Spanish songs when you learn Spanish. Spanish is not hard to learn A good reason why you should learn Spanish is because of the ease of learning. Many English words are similar to Spanish words, and the language is spelled phonetically. Also, there are so many Spanish speakers around that there is always someone close by to help you hone your Spanish. Work abroad As you know, the United States has Latino neighbors, and they are the country’s largest trading partners. Many American businesses also have subsidiaries in these countries and pay a premium for people who want to work in these foreign offices. With your knowledge of Spanish, you can cash in on this opportunity to work abroad and learn a new culture. There are also jobs available in foreign countries where you need Spanish as a prerequisite. If you can speak the language fluently, you qualify for these
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