Why You Shouldn T Have Homework At All Time

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If someone asked me if I wanted homework, I would give them a negative answer. Homework is something I’ve always never enjoyed doing. My reasons for not having homework are people have other activities, people are getting tired/stressed out, and people have family situations. Think about it, do we really need homework after all the time we spend at school. Firstly, students shouldn’t have homework because people have other activities. Most people play sports while they 're in their youth ages. So they might not have time to do their homework if they have practice for 2+ hours. Also, a lot of kids like to join clubs/groups/associations, and that/those club(s) might have meetings 2 days a week. That being said, on those days the student might…show more content…
We spend 7 hours out of our whole day at school. Then, on average going to and from school students spend over an hour on the bus. Also, on average most people in school spend 9 hours sleeping. Plus, most students spend up to 3½ hours doing homework a night, so after all that it can get very tiring and stressful. Then, when the students get to school the next morning some of the students are tired from doing homework. Then, sometimes the student might try to doze off in class, the teacher might yell at them. This is one of the reasons why I think students shouldn’t have homework. Lastly, students shouldn’t have homework because of family situations. Most of the time people will have some situations with their family, and the won’t get a chance to do their homework. Family is 1 of the most important things you should worry about in your life, not homework. A teacher shouldn’t get mad at a student for not doing their homework, if they give them 1 of these reasons. Homework can help you by learning how to manage time and be responsible, but it can take away time from more important things that you need to do. This is another reason why I think students shouldn’t have
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