Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person Analysis

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Love is something that is hard to find and when most people find it, they don’t know what to do with it. In Alain de Botton’s “Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person”, he discusses how people find relationships depending on the types of relationships people have as children. This is different from the beliefs of Marguerite Fields, who believes the typical idea of love and marriage, which is that two strangers can meet and fall in love and have a ‘happily ever after’. Because De Botton thinks that familiarity is mainly what we seek in relationships, he would probably agree with most of Fields’ points about love. However, he seems to have a strong opinion about marriage and why he believes it’s wrong, which might make him reject Fields' quest for…show more content…
Everyone’s experience with love is different. Someone’s experience could be terrible and could develop for relationships and love as a whole, while someone else’s experience could be magical and could have them believing in miracles and love at first sight. Fields shows us the inexperience and fear of love that the current generation has. They are scared of opening up because they do not want to be hurt. It is scary opening up to a person because one does not know if they are going to protect the secrets and fears that are shared or if a person is going to exploit them and find any and every possible way to hurt them. No one wants to take that chance, so they tend to be as distant as possible which leads to the lack of relationships. De Botton shows us how much our childhood affects us. If a child was in a bad household and had terrible friendships and relationships with their parents will cause them to seek the same things out in future partners. It’s important for a child to understand how they are supposed to be treated at a young age because once they see a good definition of love, it will encourage to find the same kind of love later in life.What both authors show in the end is that truly complicated love and happiness is and that no one will ever be able to define
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