Why Young Adults Choose To Stay Single Essay

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Getting married is a most important thing with so many people. Marriage is a universal phenomenon. It does not constitute a commitment. It is having so many legal and financial benefits of marriage. Also, there's a psychological difference. When man and women got married, they may have lived together, can share with each other the hobby or sadness in life, and take care of the kids together. However, in fact, the number of young people getting married is decreasing. Young adults find more advantages of staying single rather than getting married, so they are preferring to stay single. Three reasons young adults choose to stay single cause problems of marriage, time for themselves, and happier. Firstly, the young adults want to stay single…show more content…
They are happy because they do not worry about their partner. They do not feel sad if their partner is mad or angry. If they are in a relationship, they have many issues together. The young people feel comfortable when they are single. They do not need to inform with their partner what they did today or feel miserable if their partner lies in them. They have not to remember the anniversary of both or spend too much money to buy the gift or go to the posh restaurants. They feel happier and save a lot of money for themselves, so they can stress less about money. The young single people are not surprised by the bill or credit card when it comes because they have decided what they want to use for their money. If they are single, they may be more successful at work. They can find a job whether they want, and are not worried to find the job in the same city or town with their partner. Adults single can flirt without fear. They are single, so they are free to date with whomever they like or go out as many days as possible. They can go to the bar, the club or go to dinner with that person without fear or guilt. They have more social than married people. Single adults feel happier because they can use social networking, and contact with everybody. They can post videos or photos with someone on social media. If they are in date, the wrong photo, comment or video can be

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