Why Zoos Are Dangerous To The Zoo

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The air, hot and humid, climbs towards one hundred degrees, but unfortunately for you, you promised your child, a sweet animal lover, that you and her would go to the zoo. Dreading the muggy trip, the only thing that can keep you excited is seeing your child’s eyes light up as she finally gets to see her favorite animal, a polar bear. When walking towards the polar bear exhibit, you feel as though something is wrong, but you continue anyways. Approaching the beloved exhibit, your daughter looks at the polar bear and begins to bawl. She quickly asks you why the bear is not moving, and why he is grey instead of a fluffy white that polar bears are supposed to be. You then have to break the devastating truth to your daughter that zoos tend to harm animals in many ways, but trying to cheer her back up, you tell her that zoos are regulated to ensure safety in…show more content…
The fact that zoos are dangerous to the animals that inhabit them is hard to believe, but it is very easy to prove, as you just realized. One look at the animals in a zoo is all it takes to realize that the animals that live there are in jeopardy. Although zoos are closely regulated, zoos are harmful to the the animals that inhabit them because the animals are forced to live in harmful environments and constricted in cages, they are given drugs to calm them that can negatively affect their health, and the animals can be harmed by people. Zoos can be harmful to animals of all shapes and sizes, but the first reason zoos are considered harmful is due to the constricted areas that the animals are limited to. In an Indonesian zoo, the Subaraya Zoo, a recent death of an endangered Sumatran Tiger has drawn attention to the various questionable deaths caused by this zoo, in fact “[n]early a hundred
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