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Today this is probably the least-honoured Wiccan festival. Lammas is from the word "hlaef mass", which is a Anglo saxon word meaning "loaf mass". Aug. 1st is lughnasadh or lammas it is a pagan celebration where pagans bring in the beginning of the harvest season It's also a day for placing Lugh, who is the craftman god he has many skills and still worshiped in British Isles and Europe.

Some of the gods and goddess where: Adonis: Adonis was the end of on seasons harvest the summer. In myth it is said that he dies and is born at a later time almost the same as Attis and Tammuz. The Greeks god of grain was Adonis and Aphrodite and Persephone fought for his love this is just one of the grain gods. Attis: he is often seen as rebirth and trandformation. Ceres : this mother figure was one of the agricultural fertility goddess. Dagon : Dagon gave the knowledge to Amorites
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The colors are bright and beautiful and it is at the beginning when they are starting to change in there colors colors: red, orange, golden yellow, green, light brown, gold, bronze, gray and these colors go all the way into october.

This is the time for apples to become ripe so they can be eaten the harvest of the vegtables are done and the corn is ready to be picked. This is the time to harvest all the crops that are out in the fields and bring them home to eat. Grain is seen as death and rebirth for many it dies and the end of the season and grows again at the beginning of the season.

We forget in our day and age that our ancestors had hard times when trying to figure things out it was not as easy for them as it is for us. When our ancestors lived they had to go out and harvest the grains in order to make bread or they would not get bread that is how they got to eat everyday. For our ancestors it was life and death if the fields were not harvested they would starve. Today we just go to the

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