Wide Mouth Frog Children's Storytelling Analysis

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The storytelling, by CullensAbcs (2007, April 5) “Wide Mouth Frog Children Storytelling”, is an excellent storytelling because she creates inviting atmosphere that children can engage listing. She starts off with friendly day-to-day speech, “Hi, there!” and is enthusiastic. In addition, the teller (CullensAbcs, 2007, April 5) invites children to hop when she says, “hop”. She shouts, “I am WIDE MOUTH FROG” and she opens her mouth really wide when she says. She tells the story as children are right front of her even they are not. She makes a great contrast between when she speaks as the frog and she speaks narration. When she invites children to hop with her, she says, “Here we go,” and hops and adds, “good job” as if children are there. Therefore,
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