Wide Sargasso Sea And Macbeth Comparison

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A Deal with the Devil
More, more, and more… “Sweat? Pain?” No more. More, more, and more… “Right now?” Yes. While life is never perfect, avarice and sloth tempt human beings to trade their souls for tangible gains. Ironically, drugs, the manmade devil, become the ultimate winner in this compact. Not only are characters in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea enticed by drugs, but also Samuel Coleridge, the author of “Kubla Khan”, indulges himself with drugs. While some of them yield to the great pressure in their life, others simply can not overcome their own lusts. Although substances can induce desirable mental states, they are detrimental in the long run.
Some think that drugs can bring them power that is inaccessible within their physical limits. In
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What hath quenched them hath given me fire.” Her earlier calling for “spirits” to “unsex [her], fill [her] from the crown to the toe top-full of direst cruelty, and make thick [her] blood” echoes with these words since “thick blood” provokes “fire”, according to humorism, and “full of direst cruelty” points to boldness. Under the influence of alcohol, she seemingly exceeds the restrictions of her gender while attaining the throne. In fact, she abandons humane characteristics like compassion and gentleness, which are commonly considered to be feminine qualities in her era. Nevertheless, her dream comes true; she executes her plan of assassination with such composure that no human being displays. Similar to Lady Macbeth, Antoinette, the protagonist in Wide Sargasso Sea, seeks control, but in her case, over her husband. When Antoinette entreats Christophine to revive Mr. Rochester’s love for her, Christophine asks her to “speak nice and make him understand. However, Antoinette claims that “[She] [has] tried,” but “he does not believe [her]” (105) and insists on using obeah, which is considered to be evil
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