Women's Rights March Analysis

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To begin with, the tale I choose to write about was the “ Wife of Bath”. The news article I decided to compare the tale of “The Wife of Bath”, is “Women 's Rights March” . Also see a good comparison between the tale and the article if you read the “Wife of Bath” women would get raped and they had alot of desire that they wanted from their husbands women would get abused from time to time by a man during that period of time, women didn 't have any say or power during that time period so basically women had no choice but to let men take control or they would suffer the consequence.Basically in the article the women had no say in anything what’s so ever. Trump is trying to stop women from voting all across the world. Both the tale and the article are in the same category. The “Wife of Bath” it’s about a knight who raped a women and the situation was reported to King Arthur,King Arthur wanted that…show more content…
Well what gives the article and tale similarities is that both of them wanted to know what did our women desire. The only difference between the tale and the article in the March women didn’t desire sex, or money, what they actually desired in the March was that they want more rights more freedom they would like Trump to take these restraints off of them and also the right to vote no matter the race or color of their skin that quote was talking about that they want to be able to make their own decisions without a man consent.A quote from the article was "I think right now with the MeToo movement, it 's even more important to stand for our rights," basically that quote explained that all women will stand there ground no matter what they feel as though that there right are beginning revoked also like inconspicuous women don’t ever get they full
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