Wife Of Bath's Argumentative Essay

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All kings have the same role no matter what land they rule. To be loyal, show leadership and do what is best to rule their kingdom. In some cases, not all kings are good. Not only kings crave power, but also the people who have higher titles than the average. Crime or selfish acts are created because of the power they crave to be superior. These actions are always accompanied by sin. Macbeth commits the crime of murder and later has guilt, the knight from The Wife of Bath’s commits adultery and finally, The Pardoner persuades people to confess sins because of greed. These evil actions are committed by sin. Macbeth had the right intensions until he ran into the wrong group of people. By meeting this group, Macbeth’s cravings for power became stronger and stronger. He was determined to be king no matter the circumstances even if he had to kill anyone in his way. Macbeth obsession with king has increased and decides to kill Duncan to take his throne. It is stated, “If it were done when ‘tis done,…show more content…
It was very frowned upon and punishments always followed after. In The Wife of Bath’s, a knight takes and innocent woman’s virtue. Knights had very high expectations and strict rules of conduct. The story says, “…that he condemned the knight to lose his head by course of law” (Chaucer 156). The knight had very high standards and his evil desires lead him into sin. His sins had to originally be repaid by death but, the queen at the time granted him some mercy. Finally, The Pardoner tells tales about sins of greed. The Pardoner’s job is to forgive people of their sins in exchange of charity. This charity was money and it is stated, “Radix malorum est cupiditas” (Chaucer 142) which means “The love of money is the root of all evil” in Latin. People become greedy and want more and more money even if they do not need it. Certain people feel superior with money and feel powerful. This downs other people who are less
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