Wife Of Bath's Tale Analysis

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Imagery is an indispensable literal device in literary world. A lot of poems or novels use imagery to describe a vivid image. It is figurative language which is the description about five sense: touch, hear, smell, taste, and touch. It can also contain some emotion or movement. Two tales: the Wife of Bath’s Tale and the Pardoner’s Tale are both written by Geoffrey Chaucer, who is a poet in medieval society. Chaucer was inspired by his experience of pilgrimage. Two of them use a lot of imagery. However, I think the Wife of Bath’s Tale uses it in a more coherent way. The Pardoner’s Tale talks about a story which three young man steal florins together, but they killed each other because all of them don’t want to share the florin with each other (The Wife of Bath’s Tale). This story tells us greedy is evil thing. When treating other, we shouldn’t be avaricious. This story used lots of imagery to describe some scene fabulously. The Wife of Bath’s Tale is about a knight. This knight is asked a question by queen for punishment because he rapes a woman. He asks a lot of women without a same answer. However, when he asks a old women who may know the answer, he marries her in return of help. When old woman asks him if he wants to turn old woman to a young beautiful woman, he let her to decide herself. Then, old women becomes very beautiful young lady and then they live together happily (The Pardoner’s Tale). This tale is about emphasizing woman power. In the Pardoner’s Tale, imagery is a…show more content…
When using imagery, both of them mainly use the sight which is what we see. Both of them use great adjective. However, the amount of imagery used in “The Pardoner’s Tale” is more than the amount of it used in “The Wife of Bath’s Tale”. “The Pardoner’s Tale” does a excellent job in describing the golden florins. The image in reader’s mind of the golden florin is
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