Wiglaf's Honor In The Epic Of Beowulf

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Secondly, not only the fame is important at this time, but also there are other values also important, like loyal. Once, Beowulf fought with the dragon. Although his age is very old, he did not give up protecting his people. But also because he really old, he also needs the help of others. Like his most loyal warrior, Wiglaf. One example is “by almighty God, I’d rather burn myself than see/ Flames swirling around my lord.”(The Language of Literature 55, lines 725-727). This quote that Beowulf encounters danger, Wiglaf would rather hurt him, than see the king get hurt. In order to show his loyalty to Beowulf, he could pray that God would not let the fire kill Beowulf. Because Wiglaf was Beowulf assistant, and the most loyal fighter. Additionally, other example how the whole kingdom's people would fain and devotion with they were mighty king.…show more content…
This part was said after Beowulf dies. They most beloved king died, the king had been good to the people and protected them. Therefore, they need to express in their loyalty to their king. And they were thinking that nobody can do better than their king. Also so that they might mourn and praise him for the sake of their great king. Because Beowulf found and died for his people, now he is seen as a great hero. Especially, the soldiers and the people all loyal to him. Finally, by Beowulf the loyalty of the soldier and his people, one can get a great deal of information that loyalty was a very important value at

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