Wild Animals In Negritos

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An article of the Cultural Survival Magazine stated that the male Negritos hunted deers and wild pigs using bows and arrows during 1960s and it even includes the wild animals. It’s amazing to know that the early Negritos were hunters so it draws to my mind their bravery in facing the wild animals in the dangerous forest. If it is wild animals, I cannot just imagine the animals that the human being could just adopt as pets and could consider as cuddle partners or playmates in their leisure time, but obviously as animals that really have strong animalistic behaviour and instinct that could kill lives of whomever they encounter, especially those that brings danger to these animals. It was kept on my mind what Miguel de Loarca stated in his account…show more content…
One article of Kara Santos declared that Aetas usually sow mountain rice, corns, and root crops like ube (a form of taro), kamoteng kahoy (cassava) and kamoteng baging (mountain yams) and wild bananas. Agriculture is also one of the primary activities for their survival in order for them to eat and live. With this, I am thinking that maybe, foreign people who enter Aeta’s territory (especially those people who studies the culture and life of the Negritos, those who are vegetarian) can live and eat well with them since they are abundant in a specific plantation. Another thing that somehow connects to their farming is their way of gathering plant products from the forests. Daisy Y. Noval-Morales, a researcher, stated that most of the Negritos collect rattan from the woods to use it for their own. I have seen a documentary film that they also gather bamboo trees and coconut leaves in making their house. In fact, one published book of the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts entitled The Agta of Northern Sierra Madre featured photographs of Agtas constructing a house using bamboos. Although the pictures were black and white in color, it is vivid that the Aetas there were striving to build a home. Collecting medicinal roots and plants are what the Negritos do when they are in the state of complexity, and they will sell the medicinal plants that they have gathered to the herbal doctors who would intentionally visit the place that they inhabit just to get the

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