Argumentative Essay: Stop Feed Birds

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Birds love the free food sitting in someone's backyard but is that the best thing for the birds? If people all over the world had a bird feeder in their backyard, birds would never run out of food. It would be protected and they could retrieve it at any time year round. A nice birdhouse would be great for a lonesome bird that cannot find shelter. While all of these things sound pretty promising, it is actually better for the birds not to be feed.

Feeding the birds is a very bad idea because it makes the birds rely on the food from bird feeders that seems to feed the whole bird family but can be taken away at any moment. In the passage, "Stop Feeding Wild Birds" it says, "Wild birds can become dependent on the handouts. When this happens, their behaviors change." This is a key statement
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In the same passage, it also says," Many become aggressive as they struggle to compete for their share." When birds become aggressive, that is not good for other birds or humans. All of the images of kind little birds playing peacefully will turn into a full out brawl between birds fighting for food that was provided by the people that say they love birds the most... This may make you think a little right? This may not seem like such a huge ordeal, but when the person feeding the birds does not feed them any longer, they will not know how to get food from the wild. Birds get fed by people all around the world and if they are not able to feed them for a little while, they will die. Let us think about it if you had been fed your whole life by your

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