Wild Geese Mary Oliver Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis Rhetoric Analysis 1 “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver is a poem about letting things go and appreciating just how simple and beautiful life is. Oliver claims that “You do not have to be good…” and that you only have to “love what [you] love…” meaning that as human being one should enjoy life and live it how he or she sees fit. Oliver continues her poem by convincing the reader that life should not be taken too seriously. By re-using the word, “meanwhile…”Oliver let’s the reader know that not only their life is going on at a particular time, but also other’s lives are shifting through time as well. In the opening lines of Oliver’s poem, she states her claim by using logos and appealing to the reader’s logical side by telling…show more content…
Oliver starts the poem by calling her audience, “you” and pulling them in to listen. The poem does a great job of convincing the reader of their true worth by comparing the lives of troubled people to the simple lives of geese; Mary Oliver makes the reader feel like their problems are not as big. She forces the reader to realize that life goes on around them whether they choose to see it or be enraptured in their…show more content…
The brochure’s claim is a question, “What is the simplest way to protect yourself from colds?”, that then gets answered once the brochure is opened. It starts by presenting the reader with cold, hard facts, almost scaring the reader into washing their hands. Then it continues with more statistics on illnesses caused from improper hand washing, such as Hepatitis A, SARS, and the flu, and then proceeds to teach the reader on how to successfully wash ones
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