Wild Life Conservation Essay

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Wild Life Conservation Initiative:-
(5.1)Wild Life Conservation organization & initiative in India:- In the rush of our daily lives, we often forget to think about the flora and fauna that make our planet so diverse and beautiful. While we enjoy visiting national parks, sanctuaries, click cool photos with our fancy cameras, we fail to think about the security and longevity of wildlife. Here is the list of some very dedicated organizations and initiatives which are walking that extra mile to protect the animals in India. For all the animal lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and in fact, for all of us, these initiatives should serve as inspiration.
1. Project Tiger:- Project Tiger is a scheme centrally sponsored by the Ministry of
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The Corbett Foundation:- The Corbett Foundation involves actions taken by passionate men and women who wish to protect wildlife and bring harmony. This Foundation raises funds, conserves various ecosystems, draws the government’s attention towards major wildlife issues and promotes wildlife research projects. This foundation works for protection of other regions such as Bandhavgarh, Kutch and Kanha as well.
8. Wildlife Institute of India:- Wildlife Institute of India (WII) was established in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India in 1982 with an aim to provide training and courses, and promote wildlife research and management. WII is actively involved in research of biodiversity and major wildlife issues in India.
9. Wildlife Protection Society of India:- Wildlife Protection Society of India was founded by Belinda Wright, an award-winning wildlife photographer and filmmaker. The Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI) works to manage the intractable wildlife crisis in India. The main aim of WPSI is to inform the government about poaching and wildlife trade, especially of tigers. WPSI even works for mitigating human-animal conflicts and promotes research projects.
10. Wildlife Conservation Trust, Mumbai:- Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) works to protect the vulnerable animal and biodiversity of India through spreading awareness across forest departments and NGOs. WCT even trains individuals for wildlife
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