Wild Pacific Trail Society: Advertisement Analysis

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Compared with the past two days, the activities today is relatively easy. In the morning, we drove to Ucluelet and walked in Wild Pacific Trail. The Wild Pacific Trail Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to protect and expand the scenic network of walking trails. I recognized that the Wild Pacific Trail carves through old-growth thickets just like it hugs the wild coastline of the Ucluth Peninsula. In addition, a spectacular view of the rocky shoreline, Barkley Sound, and the Broken Group Islands from this trail is rather amazing. On the way, we saw a very modern lighthouse which rebuilds at least three times according to the introduction. Although the weather is rather cold and the scenery looks cloudy, the spectacular scenery leaves all the troubles and feels it worth the journey. In the afternoon, we came to a wildlife museum called Parks Canada which is dedicated to keep the balance between the living environment, the ecological…show more content…
Many visitors have heard or have been to Tofino and it is natural to choose Tofino as a tourism destination but few will specifically go to Ucluelet. The main reason, according to my understanding is the advertising problem. With the development of information technology and the popularity of social media, we can see advertising to introduce Tofino everywhere but Ucluelet seems rather moderate. Moreover, the market strategy also plays a significant role in the destination development. In addition, it would be appropriate to combine the power of government and private capital together for further plan. The last but not the least, never underestimates the power of mouth-talk, such as the comments on Trip advisor or similar websites. These ideas would also work in other place as long as it is has abundant natural resources and to be exploited and
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