The Four Elements Of Hip Hop Culture

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Even though it started in 1973, the development of hip hop accelerated thanks to the 1977 blackout. Indeed, as the instruments needed were expensive, many people took advantage of the blackout and stole what was useful to start a career in hip hop.
Moreover, the four essential elements of hip hop are DJing, B-boying (breakdance), MCing
(rap) and graffiti writing. Of course, all these elements already existed before the development of hip hop but they were at the core of the hip hop culture at the time. The movie Wild Style, released in 1983 and also the first one on hip hop, reunites these four elements for the first time.
Hip hop became a popular genre both in music and on TV, even nowadays which leads us to talk about:
B. TV series: The Get
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• The backdrop often shows the decay in the city at the time: buildings in ruins, stores vandalized. We are going to show you the first seconds of the trailer and you will see the images are speaking for themselves. One of the important places shown in The Get
Down is Charlotte Street, an area so devastated that it was seen as an example of the urban decay of the Bronx.
• The show also briefly mentions the war on graffiti initiated by Ed Koch.
• A few scenes take place in St Mary’s Park and its famous huge rocks.
• One of the main aspects of the show is its depiction of the birth of hip hop: the boys forming the Fantastic Four Plus One are inspired by DJ Grandmaster Flash, also portrayed in the show. The real Grandmaster Flash actually gave directions to the producers for the show to be as close to reality as possible. This is why, in one scene, the boys try to master a DJ technique involving a crayon. You are supposed to mark the record with the crayon in order spot the moment of the song you want to repeat.
• The four elements of hip hop we mentioned earlier are also depicted. Here’s for example an extract of a character B-boying
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