Wild Swot Analysis Essay

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SWOT Analysis: Strong points: The game reserve is the closest to Cape Town with very easy access. The reserve also has all of the big 5 animals of South Africa, a very good attraction to have. The reserve allows you to see the animals very up-close in the vehicle because the animals are used to humans. The reserve has great facilities for guests including a big dining hall and beautiful cabins that are very close (a short walk away) to the wildlife. The reserve offers horseback trails too for those who want something different to the vehicle. Weak points: The food although in abundance is not of high quality. The animals do not give an authentic wild experience when viewing them as the lions and buffalo are in large enclosures. There are problems with interbreeding with the antelope and zebra and guests can see this because some of the antelope have malformed horns. The rhino have been poached so do not have horns, something that people look forward to seeing when viewing…show more content…
It also creates jobs for local people, creates awareness for local cultures, spending on protection of attractions, creates national pride, improved international relations, an increased participation in event being hosted and large influx of international visitors. The global event will also create more tourists in the host country and if the tourist has a good time they will return and enjoy places like Fairy Glen. People who attended the event will also go home and tell others how great the host country creating even more tourists for Fairy Glen and other businesses. Global events also create motivation to implement environmental practises this could help keep SA clean and more attractive to visit and will improve our wildlife lives like the animals in Fairy

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