Wild Things Next Door Analysis

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“What you risk reveals what you value” (Jeanette Winterson). In the stories Beowulf, The Deep by Anthony Doerr and Wild Things Next Door: Dangers of Exotic Pets by sources at ABC all involve risks. The benefit of the risk in Beowulf is getting glory while saving lives for what he believes is right, the benefit of the risk in The Deep is to live life to fullest until it’s your time to go, the benefit of the risk in the article is risking the lives of yourself and others to house exotic animals as pets. In the story Beowulf, he kills three monsters to save his village and another king’s region. Beowulf is talking to the king Hrothgar about killing the monster Grendel. He says “ That I, alone and with the help of my men, May purge all evil…show more content…
People are taking baby tigers out of the captivity and putting them in their living rooms. “Someone gets them as a cute, cuddly kitten that you can hold in your hands but they grow to be 400 pounds and they can take down a water buffalo." (13-15). People are taking these tigers when they’re very cute and cuddly but don’t remember that they grow up and what they can do as a grown up. These people are risking their lives, their friends lives, and their neighbor’s lives when these tiger’s grow up. They won’t be able to control what the tiger does when he is all grown up. Another time is when there are no laws concerning having exotic animals in a house. “animal rights groups said the numerous exotic pets in homes and unlicensed zoos have caused more than 60 human deaths in just over the last two decades.” (8-9). These animals are very dangerous and they don’t care what they eat as long as it’s food. You’re risking your life and everybody else's life to have a cute exotic animal in your house and not thinking about the consequences when it grows up. That is the risk when keeping exotic animals in your house as a
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