Wild Things Analysis

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General Tone of Music: The general tone of the music of this song would be aggressive/angry. This is because it has a steady drum beat that plays throughout the song, expressing the aggression, and a powerful, moving voice, produced by the singer, that shows the anger and meaning behind the words. Overall, the song “Wild Things” displays a very determined yet positive tone through the powerful beat and the upbeat music in the chorus. 2. General Tone of the Lyrics: The best way to describe the general tone of the lyrics would be defensive/argumentative. The main reason for this is because of some of the artist’s choice of words, and the way the words are placed in phrases that show the aggression and arguments. For example, the defensiveness in the lyrics is shown in line 3 of stanza 1, when the singer states, “We make our own rules, our own room, no bias here.” This…show more content…
It reflects and presents important ideas about not giving in to what society tells you to be. In the line, “Let ‘em sell what they sellin’, there are no buyers here,” it is clear that the artist is implying to the expensive, “perfect” and/or ideal lifestyle that people in our world are trying to “sell,” or convince us to live. She is making a statement about not needing to buy into that lifestyle in the phrase “there are no buyers here.” Another phrase I found interesting that I think adds to the main idea is when the artist says, “but you and I, we’re pioneers.” When I thought more about it, I realised that Alessia Cara may be implying to how pioneers usually build their own homes, paths and lifestyles, rather than following other people. By saying that we are pioneers, she displays the idea of being unique and carving your own path, rather than following what is “normal.” Overall, the main idea of this stanza is about doing what you want, even if it may go against others’
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