Wild Turkey Research Paper

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The Wild Turkey is the largest game bird in North America it is related to pheasant, quail and grouse. The wild turkey is very popular for hunting. Turkeys were once close to extinction, but careful management and help from the National Wild Turkey Federation has turkey populations thriving today and even expanding the range beyond its past range. Wild Turkeys are very large, plump birds with long legs wide rounded tails, and a long slim neck.
Male turkeys called Toms stand about 4 feet tall and can weight up to 25 lbs. Toms have a bronze type color. The head on a male can change from bluish white and red. They are most easily recognized by their tail fans, and the beard from their and bright facial wattles. At night males fly up in trees which
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When turkeys are in danger, females usually will fly away and males usually run. Wild turkeys are hunted by all types of animals that’s why they were almost extinct. Turkeys are hunted by coyotes, raccoons, bald eagles, Owls, opossums, fox’s, and snakes.
Turkeys have many different calls in their vocabulary. Male turkeys gobble and sometimes cluck. Hen calls cackle, yelp, purr, putts, cuts, and kee kee. When male’s gobble it can carry up to a mile. Jakes can gobble and yelp too, but it doesn’t sound as good as the mature birds.
There are 5 different types of turkey that qualify a hunter to get a grand slam. Eastern wild turkey. The range of the eastern is the largest in the United States. They are in Maine and all the way down the east coast till northern Florida and go as far as Missouri and Illinois. Eastern turkeys tail fan is chestnut brown at the tips. Eastern turkeys are the most heavily hunted turkey in the United States. Osceola turkeys are only common in Florida mostly the southern part. Osceola’s are darker and smaller then eastern turkeys. Wings are very dark with little white in them. The Rio Grande range from Texas Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon Utah, and California. The tip of the tail and the lower back feathers are tan. Merriam’s wild turkey ranges from Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, New Mexico, Arizona, and southern
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