Wildfires In America

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“They still do not know if he is truly glad God woke him when he did, for the wind had turned and that fire come back” (Ingold 150). This quote creates a fire that continues to spread without notice waiting to take someone’s life as it goes. Wildfires spread across the country burning millions of acres. Additionally, wildfires damage homes and businesses leaving behind high repair costs. An individual can have an impact on the fight against wildfires. Some ways to impact the fight is to become a firefighter or ranger. Even though wildfires in America leave detrimental effects, wildfires greatly benefit America through the creation of emergency plans, the increase in firefighters, and methods of protection and prevention. First, wildfires in America have resulted in the creation of emergency plans. Emergency plans of all types enhance organization during fires. Types of emergency plans include the family disaster plan that allows a family to prepare all the materials and communication devices needed before a wildfire occurs. The other parts to this type of disaster plan involves quick response by the family to what happens during the wildfire such as an injury and then cleanup and recovery by the family with help from volunteers and local agencies after the wildfire. The first method of organization that emergency plans provide is aid to communities with evacuations from the fires (Page). During a wildfire, the fire can spread from land to land and that creates havoc in the American people trying to…show more content…
Wildfires have both positive and negative effects, but the outcome depends upon how the American people us the information and technology as a resource. “As long as no one is standing in its way, a wildfire is a natural event. Put people in front of it, and it becomes the stuff of tragedy.” -John
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