Wildfires In Lord Of The Flies

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A gorgeous island rises from the foaming sea, the leaves of its deep green palms dancing in the wind. A mountainous monument, teeming with life and pure, uncontaminated beauty; it symbolizes the purity of nature and peaceful, repetitive rhythms of life that mother nature muses herself with. Over the course of a few months this island of life is reduced to a charred layering of soot and ash. This inhumane destruction is forged from the hands of men; men with peaceful intentions of survival and life themselves. Yet even these harmless ventures were able to yield a gloomy, blackened result. Two fires ravaged this land. Two very similar fires on their exteriors but when examined on a deeper level one finds that these fires are not just fueled by dry tinder but by the endless battles of sanity and emotion within the humans who ignited them.
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