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Who won't fancy a weekend break trip to a cool wildlife park? A trip to Safari parks in South India is just what you need if animals in their natural habitat are what you wish to see. The exciting nature of Wildlife can certainly be spotted in full glory at South Indian wildlife parks. we come with just some of the coolest wildlife parks in our South India. B R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka The B R Hills Wildlife Reserve is extended across a vast region of 540 sq. kilometres which creates the connection in between Eastern and the Western Ghats. One can find animals like Gaur, leopards, Chital and 4-horned antelope here. The peaks and canals of the valley develops the spectacular scenery of the forest abundant in diversified plants…show more content…
Wild Animals like Tiger, Barking Deer, Sambar, Nilgiri Langur, Elephants, and Wild Pigs can be seen here and the ideal time to visit is amid the winter season. The fragrance of moist mud throughout monsoon gives a unique appeal to the National park. One can enjoy Border Hike, Boat Safaris and Bamboo Rafting here. Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the prominent travel places of south India which presents a wide range of animals and birds which include spotted deer, leopard, sambhar deer, panther, cheetal and 250 varieties of feathered creatures. The dam across the Kabini river is an amazing tourist attraction. Kabini sanctuary is a part of Nilgiri Habitat Reserve that has been actually announced a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka Dandeli Wild animals Sanctuary is the 2nd most extensive wildlife shelter and among the most appealing travel sites in Karnataka that extended more than 834.16 sq. kilometres, flaunts of a significant range of flora and fauna. The sanctuary possesses fantastic picturesque appeal that features spectacular valleys and drifting rivers. One could spot scarce animals such as mouse deer, langurs, civet kittens, Malabar big squirrel, bison, jackals, Dark

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