Short Essay On Wildlife Conservation

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I. Wildlife Conservation Wildlife Conservation is defined as the practice of protecting habitats, wild plants and animal species. It plays a crucial role in making a balance in environment while providing stability to various natural processes. The soul purpose of wildlife conservation is to ensure sustainable development of nature so as to our future generations can also enjoy it. Various NGO’s and government agencies have been made by many nations dedicated to wildlife conservations, they help to implement policies. There are a number independent NGO’s who have taken various measures to promote wildlife conservation. As per the reports of National wildlife federation, Majority of wildlife organizations get their funding by means of appropriation from the annual federal budget and state grants. Also, there is a huge some of funding which comes from…show more content…
Wildlife plays a crucial role in maintaining the ecosystem and also helps in stabilizing a number of common procedures of nature. II. Major dangers to Wildlife With passage of time, a number of Natural wildlife habitats have been led to a atrophy and the habitat which are left has been mutated to extent that they have very low resemblance to the natural wild areas which have been in the past. The primary threat for the survival of wild life is the habitat loss which is done in various ways such as deforestation, urbanization, industrialization and fragmentation.  Climate change: Increase in temperature of planet Earth is no new to anyone. The melting glaciers, flooding, stronger hurricanes, Hotter days, Droughts, are nothing but the after effects of Global Warming. The consistent emission of CFC gases has led to depletion of Ozone Layer. This ozone layer acts as a shield against the harmful UV lights which comes from Sunlight. The concept of Global Warming can be very well understood from the following

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