Wilfred Alternate Ending

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It was a warm, crisp fall afternoon, the birds were chirping, and the sun was shining the brightest it has been all year. Wilfred was just waking up in his race-car bed. “Dun do it….no….nO...NO! AHHH” as he all of a sudden woke up. “Phew, it was a dream, time for brunch.’’ He said, slowly going down the stairs, into his huge kitchen, making a bowl of Cap'n. Crunch cereal with chocolate milk, watching an episode of Dora the Explorer, yelling at the screen every time he was wrong. “NO! YOU TAKE THE RED PATH!” He said, before going to work. He got in his sports car with zebra seats, turned on ‘Little Kid Pop FM’ radio station, and headed to science lab, where he was planning the next new thing, an Animal Translator which he had been planning on inventing for 8 years. While he was driving from his ranch house, he plugged the lap in his new G.P.S. which he called Martha, and she told him the way.…show more content…
It had a bright orange beak and feet that looked like flippers, white feathers with shades of green and dirt, and a really weird backside of the odd creature. “Is that a car-” he wondered as her car hit another car. The rubber looking air-bags sprouted against him as pieces shattered in the air, as his sports car dragged on the road it started to rip to dozens of parts. He sat there, unconscious, waiting for someone to help him. As his eyes started fading, he was at the lab. “Woah! What happened” He said as everyone is the lab was looking at him like he was a
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