Wilfred Powells Hero's Journey

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It is very possible that Wilfred Powell had read the above passage from the acclaimed book. It is written by a man he had a few things in common with: that of being a Victorian Englishman, adventurer (or 'gentleman explorer ') and writer. The passage and book, written before Wilfred 's 1905 trip, could have stirred his need for adventure from his position as the British Counsellor for Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. By 1905 Wilfred had many achievements to his name. Born in Coventry, England he entered naval apprenticeship as he became an adult and set out to do his own exploration for Her Majesty. For three years starting in 1877 he explored New Britain the largest island of Papua and New Guinea and, at the time, largely untouched by white men. In 1883 he recorded the local culture and geography in Wanderings in a Wild Country; Or, Three Years Amongst the Cannibals of New Britain. In this…show more content…
The master of the ship was Captain John Mansell from Stanmore N.S.W. Australia. Undoubtedly, Wilfred and John met and knew each other quite well for Wilfred ended up marrying John 's daughter, 16 year old Frances Elizabeth, in the spring of 1881 in Stanmore, Australia, right after he had completed his Pacific adventure. Their first child, Wilfred Mansell (b January 1882) was also born in Stanmore which is near Sydney, Australia. The couple went on to have an additional 3 children and all would vacation at Blackstone Lake. In 1905 there were 50 summer resorts on Lake Rosseau. For over 30 years those with sufficient wealth had being seeking out the magnificent views and pure air of Muskoka Lakes. In the early summer of the year Wilfred headed for Port Sandfield and very likely, following Podmore 's advice the The Prospect House run by Enoch Cox and his wife in the
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