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Wilkins is a company specialized on water control products. This company plant is located on Paso Robles, California, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The plant has 163,000 square-foots on a 15 acres’ land. The company have a total of 177 employees, including 12 managers, 33 non-production employees, 70 sales representatives. The sales of Wilkins occur on 52 Centre’s achieving a national coverage. In 2003 this company changed its name to Jacuzzi Brands after a fusion. Last year Wilkins had increased its sales on 20 per cent, besides that, the head office demanded Connors, the general manager, to decrease in 30 per cent the inventory in the next quarter. The company had a goal to provide finished goods inventory available to quickly …show more content…

The Pressure Vacuum Breakers are products make-to-stock as consequence of the seasonal sales. Which difficult the smooth production of this good. Thus the Wilkins company adopted a promotion giving discount to those who bought the product early in the calendar. Also, PVB cell could have seven employees maximum with total capacity of 1,365 units per 10 hour shift. However, during production a minimum of three employees was assigned. Department 104 (PVB cell), producing around 600 units in one eight hour shift, had six workers at that time and department 101 (Machine Shop) supplied machine castings to the PVB …show more content…

One way Wilkins would be able to accomplish this is an Aggregate Production Plan (APP). This is a way of monitoring productivity, company workforce, and inventory levels simultaneously in order to determine the most efficient way to utilize these production areas. This data is then analyzed in order to determine how much of each resource would be required to achieve the company’s forecasted sales figures, as well as determine the best utilization of each resource in order to reduce costs and increase

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