Will And Grace: Gender Stereotypes

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Will & Grace WK4- DQ2
Emilia Faour
September 1, 2015

Will & Grace WK4-DQ2

Will and Grace was a sitcom that aired on NBC from 1998 to 2006. I believe this sitcom was one of the first to have main gay characters. The storyline is about two best friends: Grace Adler who played a straight woman who was an interior designer and Will Truman who was a gay attorney. In addition to Will and Grace, Will had a very flamboyant gay friend named Jack and Grace had her assistant who was an alcoholic named Karen. According to TV.com Will and Grace through the years was nominated for 83 Emmys, 24 Golden Globes, 14 SAG Awards
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They are necessary part of society and is how we label groups of people or place them in a category. (Feist and Rosenberg,2011) In society we may label an area or part of town as the “wealthy part of town” or “ poor part of town” or because someone is from a certain background we will make an assumption like for example after 9/11 a lot of people thought all middle eastern people were terrorist. Some people think that all Spanish people are Mexican. For example, I used to live in an area called Wellington here in West Palm Beach any time people would hear me refer to Wellington they would make a comment regarding how expensive it is to live there or how I must have a huge house, etc... However, neither was the case we lived in a middle class area of Wellington and our house was not that big. Yes it was a “wealthier” area but the only reason why we were living there was becuase they public schools had higher FCAT scores than the surrounding areas so my boys could go to a good school. Another example is when I tell people I am Spanish here is south Florida they automatically assume I am Cuban or Puerto Rican or Mexican which is not the case at all. I have been dealing with this stereotype my whole life.When I tell someone I am not from there and I am from Argentina most of the time they do not even know where Argentina is exactly. They just assume because…show more content…
Our minds, I feel will always naturally group people together by gender, race and culture. However, it is very important not to make assumptions because of how people look. I am a perfect example, my mom since I was younger up until last week stereotypes me. I have many tattoos on my arms and back, I have bright red hair and my tongue is pierced. My mom has always assumed that I am up to no good or a live a very wild lifestyle. No matter how many times I tell her it 's nothing of the sort. I know she thinks this way because of how I look. She even said to me last week, “what kind of Nurse Practioner am I going to be covered in tattoos?” I already work in the medical field so I completely understand already that when I am working I have to cover up my arms, but my tattoos do not make me a bad person. If I never told you my tongue was pierced you would never know and my hair is pulled up in a professional bun when I am at work. I understand how I need to carry myself depending on the environment I am in because of stereotypes like my mom. I am single mom working nights so I can be home with my three boys during the day. I am also a full time student working on my Bachelor 's Degree in addition to getting very good grades and being
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