Will And Rainsford Compare And Contrast

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In 1952, Fred Zinnemann directed a fantastic western movie that was called High Noon. It was about a marshal named Will Kane, who is being hunted by a man who he put in jail. Frank Miller wants revenge on Will, because Will arrested him and Frank vowed that he would kill Kane. Around the same time, Richard Connell wrote a short story that was named "The Most Dangerous Game". Sanger Rainsford and his friend, Whitney, are going hunting in the Amazon for jaguars. That was until Rainsford falls off the yacht and ends up on Ship-trap Island. He meets a man named Zaroff, who is a hunter as well. One thing that is different, is he hunts humans instead of animals. In some ways Will and Rainsford are actually similar. They have some differences between them and that is what makes them unique characters, but they are sort of the same.…show more content…
Both are considered hunters in a way. Will Kane is the marshal of Hadleyville, New Mexico and hunts criminals down. "I sent a man up five years ago for murder. He was supposed to hang, but up north they commuted it to life. Now he is free- I don't know how. Anyway, it looks like he's coming back" (Foreman 295). Sanger Rainsford is a professional hunter and has written books about his adventures in the wild trying to hunt animals. "We should make it in a few days. I hope the jaguar guns have come. We'll have good hunting up in the Amazon. Great sport, hunting" (Connell 212). Of course, Rainsford is more of a hunter than Kane is, but both of them have equal parts in being the hunter. The hunters become the hunted in both
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