Will And Torre Influence

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“One night when we went to a discoteca called Mya, in Spain, Torre punched a girl in the face by accident when the bass dropped during the song “Turbulence” by Steve Aoki,” Will Hare explained.

Will and Torre Swope created many memorable moments during their 15 years of friendship. They first met by playing on the same t-ball team, which their dads coached.

Torre was born as Raul Torres in Bogotá, Colombia during a dangerous time. Pablo Escobar, “The King of Cocaine”, made Colombia an unsafe place due to his drug operation; Torre’s parents did not want that life for him. Torre’s biological parents decided to give him up.

The organization FANA took Torre in and got him adopted in over four months. When John and Emily Swope adopted him,
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Little did his parents know it would result in early practices in Richmond, games hours away, and spending their weekends on the field.

Torre played on a house league team, the Roanoke Star travel club, state ODP, and Hidden Valley High School. Sophomore year of high school, Torre tore his ACL and was out for a while to recover. But, his passion never died down for the sport.

Playing on high level teams allowed Torre and his best friend, Will, to travel to places like Costa Rica and Germany to compete. Although, it may seem as if Torre likes to travel, according to Will, Torre hates planes and traveling.

“Torre always kept it cool despite the outcome of the match”, according to Will, “but it was funny how excited Torre got after a goal or win”. Torre is a laid back, down to earth person. Will said “you wouldn’t think it off the field that he’s actually pretty competitive.”

“He was independent and not necessarily a vocal leader, but led by his positive attitude and by always having fun while playing.”

After high school, Torre decided to continue his passion for playing at the University of Mary Washington. Torre “Picked here to get away from Roanoke. It was between VCU and here, but I liked the traditional feel that Mary Wash
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