Will Fast Food Be The Death Of Us Analysis

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Fast foods restaurants are multiplying due to the consumers wanting more from them, and it leads to obesity in America. Even some Americans, do not like the food some fast food restaurant provide for their options so they go to their second choice of foods. Some Americans are trying or did sue the fast food restaurant because they either are obese or they just want their money back. Parents are the ones who set an example by eating healthy foods in front of their children, so they eat healthy People would eat fast food and will blame the restaurant for the results from the food they chose to eat. The effects of eating fast foods are very dangerous especially if you are young child. More young people have more money than older people to buy…show more content…
Americans spend more money on fast food than movies, newspapers, and magazines combined together. Eric Schlosser in “Will Fast Foods Be The of Us?” Eric express that “the obsession with fast food is harming adults, and children alike.” This statement is explaining that many families or single families are suffering from someone getting overweight and maybe being diseased. A big drop sale would happen if 2 or 3 percent of customers complain to the restaurant. In “Will Fast Food Be The Death of Us” a newpaper article by ABC News, Schosser told Good Morning America that “ people should know what they are eating, and how it is made; they should spend their money at places that make food well.” Schlosser advises that people should some research on what they would order from a fast food place before actually ordering it. Even though people see what it is made up, they still end up eating the food. Schlosser also suggests that “Parents have to be much more conscious of what their kids are eating.” He is addressing that parents do not check on their kids food before they could eat it. Some of the kids just eat fast foods because their parents are either tired from work or do not have time to make home cook…show more content…
Mostly every person wants to have or try something new because they might be tired from eating the same food every time. Like people might have some of the person’s food that they went with. The body from someone who likes to eat fast food is way different from someone who hardly eats fast foods. The results from eating fast food could be that the person get high blood pressure and shortness of breathing just to name a few of the effects. They can also get dental distress, and hard on heart. Fast food is not always bad for the person especially the ones that want to gain weight. People could better know of their health risks if they just know on what they are eating for the day. Experts came together to help out on what people should think when buying food for their kids or
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