Will God Love Me: Bradstreet Vs. Edwards

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Will God Love Me? The age of the Puritans was a very reserved and modest time period. It was shocking to see writers take the first step and show their creativity to the world. It was a huge eye opener to see Anne Bradstreet step up and become one of the first women authors. One of the more modest and refined authors, Jonathan Edwards stays inside the social norm, writing about his religious views throughout his sermons. Edwards’ work is straight and to the point, he never strays away from Puritan values. While on the other hand Bradstreet gos another way, writing about her love for her husband and her love for god. Both Bradstreet and Edwards are similar in their writing with the constant use of Literary Devices and their topics of religion; however, they have different religious views and use contrasting tones in their writing.…show more content…
They include hyperboles, similes and personification to give their writing more depth and add personality. Bradstreet 's personifications add to her polite and very friendly tone. With the hyperbole “I prize thy love more than whole mines of gold” (line 5). Bradstreet opens up about her love for her husband. She gives off a very warm and compassionate feeling in her writing. In comparison Edwards’ literary devices include harsher tones that cut to the point. Edwards’ sermons are very focused on the wrath of god and your unworthiness. In his sermon he states “wrath towards you burns like fire” (127). His writing is packed full of loaded words and his use of literary devices is aggressive and very
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