Will Graham Character Analysis

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How is the audience manipulated into sympathising with the character Will Graham in the tv-show Hannibal? Will Graham is one of the few characters in all of fiction that is almost universally loved and sympathised with, who makes everyone who sees him want to help him. Much of the in-universe language regarding Will reaffirms his status as the show’s resident woobie. He is referred to as either “broken” or “unstable” at least once an episode, and sometimes it seems as if he is just getting dragged around by characters like Jack and Hannibal and Freddie against his will. On the surface, he almost exudes victimhood. Except that he is not a victim. What is remarkable about Will Graham is that he completely subverts expectations by being…show more content…
Beverly conveniently points out that he was too unstable to be an FBI agent in her first conversation with Will. Bev: “Never been an FBI agent?” Will: "Strict screening procedures.“ Bev: "Detects instability. You unstable?” He is treated sensitively and cautiously by many of the main characters on the show. Alana warns Jack, “Don’t let him get too close.” indicating that Jack should take responsibility for Will’s well-being because he is not strong enough to take responsibility for his own well-being. There is apparently some precident for worrying about Will that the audience does not know, so we take the characters’ word for it. He needs someone there to protect him, to shelter him. Will is also repeatedly referred to as “broken” or “unstable,” much of which was encouraged by Hannibal. When Hannibal and Jack first have dinner together in 1x02, they use the metaphor of a “broken pony” to describe Will. Hannibal: "Were you not accustomed to broken ponies in your stable?“ Jack: "You think Will Graham’s a broken pony?” Hannibal: "I think you think Will is a broken
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