Will Hunting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Twenty years old boy named Will Hunting, who works as a janitor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has genius-level intelligence. When Professor Lambeau who works at MIT left a difficult math problem on the chalkboard for his graduate students to solve, Will was able to solve it within the first week of classes. Professor Lambeau never thought someone will be able to solve it that fast. He left another difficult problem on the chalkboard that took him and his colleagues two years to solve. Again, Will was able to solve it quickly again. At first, Professor Lambeau thought Will was vandalizing the board when he was writing on the board. However, after Professor Lambeau found out that Will solved the problem, he believed that Will would be a great mathematician. However, Will was being charged…show more content…
Therefore, Sean had determined that Will had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) because he experienced a lot of child abuse during his childhood. Since he had PTSD, he had difficultly socializing with others and controlling his anger. After attending several therapy sessions, Will overcame his problems and determined to make changes in his life. While he was attending therapy sessions, he met Skyla, who is a pre-medicine study, at a bar near Harvard University. Several months after they met, Skyla asked Will to move to California with her because she will begin medical school at Stanford. Will panicked at the thought and decided to run away. He probably thought that moving to California with Skyla was a huge commitment, which he thought he was not ready yet. However, after talking to Sean in the therapy session, he decided to go to California to find Skyla and eventually got married. Overall, I was very engaged in the movie and impressed because it had a powerful and memorable story. In addition, the casts were well-chosen and their performance was
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