Will Mcavoy's Analysis

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A season premiere of the HBO series, The Newsroom, is not only causing Americans to question upcoming politicians and their beliefs, but is making people ask themselves: Is America really the greatest country in the world? Will McAvoy, played by Jeff Daniels, is an anchorman/politician in the series who is asked by a young college student “why he thinks America is the greatest country in the world” (McAvoy, 2012). The response he gave not only dropped jaws and opened the minds of the students on the television show, but has people really thinking throughout the country. Will gives a captivating delivery of his opinion on the state of the country while giving excellent verbal and nonverbal communication with extreme amounts of credibility behind his reasoning. The Rebuttal McAvoy was able to portray his opinion as a political candidate clearly and without unwillingness during this 4 minute group interview with what seems to be his opponents for an upcoming election. He is speaking in front of a…show more content…
154). He not only starts to speak louder, but begins to use foul language, cursing often. McAvoy goes in and out of raising his voice to get his facts heard. According to Beebe and Beebe (2015) state, “The fundamental goal is to speak loudly enough so that your audience can hear you” (p. 154). He is able to give a memorizing delivery of something most Americans do not want to hear. Making all of the students in the audience and the listeners question their original stance on the state of the country. Everything nowadays is sugar coated with politicians and he is not only trying to get the listeners to trust in him, but he truly wants to make America a better place. Being able to give this topic so much heart and passion is just another way he is able to make his verbal communication in this delivery
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