Will Rodman And Frankenstein Comparison

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Although scientific progress greatly benefits civilization, it also carries severe risks. For every penicillin, there 's a weaponized nuclear energy. Suffice to say, if left unchecked and without regulations, the human genius might create something which it simply cannot control. In a search for a scientific truth, man can unleash horror upon himself. “Mad scientists", men who disregard their safety and the safety of their surroundings to achieve their goal has become a staple of modern literature, almost a cliche. Yet, every cliche has its beginnings, and its origin was Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley. Written almost two centuries ago, the novel crafts one of the first descriptions of a man consumed by a scientifically sparked passion who tries…show more content…
Frankenstein and Will Rodman utterly fail to protect or properly nurture their creations with their utter detachment towards them to achieve their goal. In both cases, the creator disowns and abandons the creation to fend for itself after it unwittingly and confusedly commits an act of violence. A logical outcome, Caesar’s rebellion against mankind festered in his feelings of abandonment without sufficient explanation by his “adoptive father”. Trapped in a frightening and threatening environment, Caesar uses his beyond human intelligence to adapt to being the only one of his kind, similar to Frankenstein, while comprehending the injustices committed against him. For Caesar, Will’s inability to pursue science ethically has the most horrible consequences. Will Rodman overlooks Caesar’s immense intelligence and limits Caesar’s understanding of himself in relation to human norms and society. Will continues to view Caesar as an experiment with his focus on Caesar’s intelligence rather than his emotional and psychological state of mind. In the movie, primatologist Caroline Aranha, cautions Will, "You are attempting to control things that are not intended to be controlled," alluding to Will 's endeavors to cure Alzheimer 's and building up a medication to enhance and settle the brain. Caroline is stressed over attempting to control nature.Throughout the film Will continuously refers to Caesar as his “science project” rejecting the thought that Caesar has become a fully…show more content…
The group of individuals who express unusual personal traits, taboo, and are ambitious are named the mad scientists. Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein and Rise of the Planet of the Apes are illustrated using mad scientists. In Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein creates a grotesque creature with human body parts for a scientific project. In Rise of the planet of the Apes, the main character; Will Rodman, (played by James Franco) experiments with chimps with means to end his father’s Alzheimer 's. Will Rodman attempts to hold life and death in his palm with an untested and unpredictable cure for Alzheimer 's and injecting it into his father as well as Caesar’s mother as she is pregnant with him. Will’s 19th century doppleganger; Victor Frankenstein, the “original mad-scientist”, spends the majority of his happiness building something that would eventually become his downfall. The creation of the creature was months in the making as he spent months of sleepless nights attempting to perfect this “new species”. Eventually, the only thing Victor could see was the completion of his creation, “I seemed to have lost all soul or sensation but for this one pursuit.” (Vol.I, Ch.4, Pg 190). Will Rodman similarly, had a passion of his own. For most of his career, Will had been working on a cure for Alzheimer 's to aid his ailing
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