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Will Rogers was born in November 4, 1879 at Oologah, Oklahoma. Both of his parents are of Cherokee descent. So he associated himself as a Cherokee. His father was a Cherokee senator and a judge. His father was present when the Oklahoma Constitution was written. Will Rogers went to many different schools as he was eager to travel. His eagerness led him to travel to many countries at the age of 22. He learned different tricks using ropes as a cowboy. He used this experience when he performed in circuses around the world. He saved up the money he earned from the circuses to travel to different countries. He came back to the U.S. at 1904. He found a job as a performer in a show at the St. Louis World Fair. His performing abilities quickly made him the star of the…show more content…
All of this popularity earned him a contract with a very big movie producer of that time, Hal Roach. Even with all of these going on, Rogers kept doing shows for Ziegfeld as this was his main job. He demanded and received salaries of $3100 a week as well as some other benefits from Ziegfeld (Russell). This amount “made him the highest paid performer in the Follies, followed by W.C. Fields, who made $1750 a week” (Russell). That statement is speaking of the volume and popularity of Will Rogers as W.C. Fields was a big time comedian back then and Will Rogers was earning almost double as him. Within one year, he received an offer to write speeches and deliver them on tours for a company that wanted Rogers to succeed Mark Twain as a highly rated public figure. Will Rogers agreed and went on tours. This brought him to back to his hometown in Claremore, Oklahoma. He felt so good performing here that he cherished the moment for the rest of his life. He then started working for a newspaper which made him travel around the world again. He came back to the U.S. and started working on a radio program that had 5 million listeners

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